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Going Above and Beyond to Deliver the Finest Clean Possible.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Detailed Cleaning Services utilizes truck-mounted systems with the hot water extraction method, which ensures qualitative results. Our truck-mounted system provides an extreme high-powerful vacuum to remove dry soil and residue trapped below the visible fibers of your carpet, and temperatures high enough to kill bacteria and eliminate allergens. We utilize our own special pre-softener and our detergents are uniquely formulated adjusting to the individual needs of your carpet, while safely maintaining its delicate properties of it. After the procedure, the wastewater is discharged through our special portable equipment in a safe environmental manner. We are prepared to protect each furniture item by carefully placing them on particularly prepared blocks to keep them away from dampness. Detailed Cleaning services professionally recommends cleaning your carpet before it appears blemished or, every 12 to 18 months.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Detailed Cleaning Services knows how important windows are to providing a clean and professional environment. Window cleaning allows for more natural light to enter your building. The glass in windows gets dull over time due to oxidation, acid rain, dirt, and hard minerals, among others, which hinders natural light from entering the building. Detailed Cleaning Services offers outdoor and indoor commercial window cleaning services. Environmental contaminants will make the glass weaker causing them to break down over time. However, our team is here to provide a thorough cleaning that will remove contaminants and help maintain the health and quality of your windows.  We all can agree to have natural light inside your building not only improves the appearance of your workspace, but it also provides comfort and makes the building appear larger and much more pleasant. We highly recommend a window washing routine to have consistent natural light inside your building as well as having clean and shiny windows year-round. We ensure that your windows will last longer by cleaning them on a regular basis.

Contract Cleaning Services

Daytime and Night Time Janitorial Services Our professional and highly trained staff can handle your janitorial needs 24 hours a day no matter how complex and meet your exacting standards. We offer reasonably priced, customized commercial cleaning contracts, affordable for small businesses and large corporate enterprises alike. With Detailed Cleaning Services, you can maintain a clean environment for both employees and customers. We Offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Janitorial Services: - Cleaning light fixtures, baseboards, and millwork - Emptying, cleaning, and relining trash receptacles - Vacuuming and shampooing carpets - Sweeping, mopping, waxing, and buffing floors - Cleaning public lounges and wiping down furniture

Day and Night Porter Cleaning Services

Here at Detailed Cleaning Services, our day and night porters are trained professionals who take care of a variety of jobs to maintain your facility clean and spotless and help you focus on your business and guests. We understand your staff has plenty of responsibilities, so our day and night porters are trained to oversee the building to be in top condition for your employees to have a clean workspace at all times.  Our day and night porters concentrate on all areas where clients and/or customers arrive/await to be attended. Our day and night porters maintain a clean environment, which makes a great impression on anyone who enters the building.

Deep Cleaning

Detailed Cleaning Services knows the ability to focus on tasks is best performed when office buildings are neat versus cluttered ones. There is a reason why time and effort are invested in tidy, clean environments, the positive-feel-good results are transmitted to everyone in that facility. Thankfully, the restorative and uplifting benefits of a facility can be achieved with our comprehensive deep cleaning services. Our team goes above and beyond to bring joy to your building. Our deep cleaning services may include but are not limited to: - Dust blinds, ceilings, and decorative items - Sweep and vacuum thoroughly - Wipe baseboards - Scrub toilets, and bathroom floors - Scrub showers and bathtubs - Disinfect sinks and countertops - Disinfect kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators We hope to contribute to your well-being and comfort, Detailed Cleaning Services is here to serve you and those you care about. Citation below : Ryback, Ralph. “The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 11 July 2016,

Covid-19 Touch Point Disinfecting

We use CDC-recommended antimicrobial EPA registered products which are effective against many viruses. Covid-19 Touchpoint Disinfecting concentrates on eliminating potentially hazardous organisms on surfaces most prone to bacterial and viral incubation such as light switches, doorknobs, drawers, elevator buttons, handrails, microwave buttons, and vending machines. Such places are prone to bacterial and viral incubation. Our staff is equipped with gloves and training sessions to ensure the procedure is followed thoroughly and properly throughout the facility. While sanitizing reduces the bacterial population significantly to safe levels for the common people, it does not attack fungi and viruses. On the other hand, disinfecting is the destruction of infectious pathogens and microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses; through the usage of adequate disinfecting solutions for a given amount of time. Preventive measures are the best way to fight illnesses we cannot foresee. It’s never too much when it’s about protecting your facility, family, staff, clients, and yourself. Detailed Cleaning Services claims to disinfect through our TouchPoint Disinfection procedure which utilizes the appropriate tools, solutions, and trained staff.