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Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Detailed Cleaning Services knows how important windows are to providing a clean and professional environment. Window cleaning allows for more natural light to enter your building. The glass in windows gets dull over time due to oxidation, acid rain, dirt, and hard minerals, among others, which hinders natural light from entering the building.

Detailed Cleaning Services offers outdoor and indoor commercial window cleaning services.

Environmental contaminants will make the glass weaker causing them to break down over time. However, our team is here to provide a thorough cleaning that will remove contaminants and help maintain the health and quality of your windows. 

We all can agree to have natural light inside your building not only improves the appearance of your workspace, but it also provides comfort and makes the building appear larger and much more pleasant.

We highly recommend a window washing routine to have consistent natural light inside your building as well as having clean and shiny windows year-round. We ensure that your windows will last longer by cleaning them on a regular basis.

Additional Services

Contract Cleaning Services

Daytime and Night Time Janitorial Services Our professional and highly trained staff can handle your janitorial needs 24 hours a day no matter how complex and meet your exacting standards. We offer reasonably priced, customized commercial cleaning contracts, affordable for small businesses and large corporate enterprises alike. With Detailed Cleaning Services, you can maintain a clean environment for both employees and customers. We Offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Janitorial Services: - Cleaning light fixtures, baseboards, and millwork - Emptying, cleaning, and relining trash receptacles - Vacuuming and shampooing carpets - Sweeping, mopping, waxing, and buffing floors - Cleaning public lounges and wiping down furniture

Office Cleaning Services

Detailed Cleaning Services knows how important a clean working area having is, the benefits include transmitting strong confidence, and generating an impression of efficiency and professionalism. Along with keeping your employees, guests, and clients happy and productive, which is key to success. Avoid the mistake of tasking your employees with regular cleaning maintenance, obviously, this is not what they enjoy doing, especially with all the potential they have for more important tasks. Rather, invest in a more attentive cleaning personnel, like us, with trained experience and the proper equipment every time. We delight in knowing we cooperate with your business success by providing a healthy and clean environment for you and your staff. When you contract us to be your trustworthy cleaning personnel, we deliver the following services:  We begin with a highly efficient first time deep clean that includes but is not limited to: - Dusting walls, vents, counters, baseboards, blinds, windows, appliance - Vacuuming floors and carpets - Scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens - Mop floors Once the deep clean is done we maintain a clean and fresh environment on the recurring services. We take delight in your satisfaction and know we contribute to your health by improving your working environment. Call us for more details on our commercial office cleaning services, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Detailed Cleaning Services offers carpet cleaning services that extend to apartments and building's common areas that may need a first-time cleaning or recurrent maintenance; this includes dorm turnovers as well.  Investing in such services will keep your loyal tenants in an enjoyable and clean environment, altogether protecting your commercial property facility from growing bacteria, germs, and allergens that could potentially put the health of your tenants at risk.  Our team here at Detailed Cleaning Services, consists of trained professionals who are committed to providing excellent results for your satisfaction and your residents.