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Want to know more about our services or our company? Read our most frequently asked questions. Have a different question? Call Detailed Cleaning Services at (651) 307-5323

Do you move furniture?

Yes, furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs, nightstands, and some beds are carefully moved and gently placed on Styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs to ensure your carpet dries properly. Nevertheless, our technicians reserve the criteria to withhold from moving certain furniture they may consider apprehensive to move.

What carpet cleaning method do you use?

Detailed Cleaning Services utilizes the most preferred method from carpet manufacturers which is the hot extraction method or steam cleaning.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Under regular conditions carpets dry between 4 to 6 hours, but it can take up to 24 hours depending on external environmental factors such as humidity.

Will there be any residue left that could increase re-soiling?

No. We first pretreat your carpet and rinse with softened hot water to avoid leaving behind any residue.

Can I walk on my carpet right away?

Although it’s safe to walk on your freshly cleansed carpet using our disposable shoe booties we provide for you, we recommend you limit stepping over your carpet till completely dry to avoid bending straight carpet fibers.

How often should I clean my carpet?

Professionally we recommend cleaning carpets before they appear dirty or every 6 to 18 months. This all depends on household members, pets, odors, and humidity.

Is Detailed Cleaning Services insured?

Of course! Detailed Cleaning Services is covered with Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance.

What could happen if I walk on my wet carpet?

Walking on your wet carpet will increase likeliness of stepping over piles or straight up fibers and will get your feet wet.

How is Detailed Cleaning Services different than other methods?

Detailed Cleaning Services will provide its own softened water supply and monitor ideal temperatures and pressure individually prepared for your carpet. We only utilize uniquely formulated cleaning agents that don’t leave behind any residue, therefore avoiding the attraction of dirt and are completely safe for your family and pets. Finally, all water waste is contained in our equipped mount trucks to be eliminated properly, never dumping it in your property. You will be able to enjoy your dry and spotless carpet in as little as 4 hours. Carpets appear brighter, texture is restored, pet odors and rust stains are eliminated with the method we use.

Should I vacuum prior to the technician’s arrival?

It’s always beneficial for carpets to be vacuumed frequently to increase longevity, therefore yes it must be vacuumed before our arrival. Yet, you can find this additional service with our premium packet.

What should I move before getting my carpet clean?

Please remove any breakable items, valuables, ornaments, frames and small objects from the area we will be cleaning.

Will all spots and stains be removed?

Stains and spots are different. Spots are treatable and do not damage the carpet fiber. Stains on the other hand are substances that have penetrated the carpet fiber and can be challenging to remove with standard cleaning methods. Some stains may be irreversible.

Will I wear out my carpet if I constantly clean it?

No, in contrary dirt is harshly abrasive when buried in your carpet fibers wearing it out faster.

How will my carpet improve after getting it clean?

Detailed Cleaning Services will leave your carpet freshly clean, restoring its vibrancy in color, and its original soft-to-the touch feel.

Do I need to apply carpet protector?

Yes, we strongly recommend reapplying carpet protector after having it professionally cleaned because it increases stain resistance longer.